Definition of Incite

1. Verb. Give an incentive for action. "They incite him to write the letter"; "This moved me to sacrifice my career"

Exact synonyms: Actuate, Motivate, Move, Prompt, Propel
Generic synonyms: Cause, Do, Make
Related verbs: Affect, Impress, Move, Strike, Move
Derivative terms: Act, Incitation, Incitement, Motivation, Motivation, Motivation, Motivative, Motivator, Motive, Propulsion

2. Verb. Provoke or stir up. "Set off great unrest among the people"
Exact synonyms: Instigate, Set Off, Stir Up
Generic synonyms: Provoke, Stimulate
Specialized synonyms: Raise
Causes: Act, Move
Derivative terms: Incitation, Incitation, Incitement, Inciter, Incitive, Instigant, Instigation, Instigative, Instigator

3. Verb. Urge on; cause to act. "They incite him to write the letter"; "The other children egged the boy on, but he did not want to throw the stone through the window"
Exact synonyms: Egg On, Prod
Specialized synonyms: Goose, Halloo, Goad
Derivative terms: Incitation, Incitation, Incitement, Inciter, Prod, Prodding

Definition of Incite

1. v. t. To move to action; to stir up; to rouse; to spur or urge on.

Definition of Incite

1. Verb. To rouse, stir up or excite. ¹

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Definition of Incite

1. to arouse to action [v -CITED, -CITING, -CITES]

Medical Definition of Incite

1. To move to action; to stir up; to rouse; to spur or urge on. "Anthiochus, when he incited Prusias to join in war, set before him the greatness of the Romans." (Bacon) "No blown ambition doth our arms incite." (Shak) Synonym: Excite, stimulate, instigate, spur, goad, arouse, move, urge, rouse, provoke, encourage, prompt, animate. See Excite. Origin: L. Incitare; pref. In- in + citare to rouse, stir up: cf. F. Inciter. See Cite. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Incite

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Rules of Evidence on Pleas of the Crown: Illustrated from Printed and by Leonard MacNally (1802)
"... to incite the faid peri " fons unknown fo to do." Verdict: but it is found " that he was prefer) t and die! *' then and there encourage and abet, ..."

2. Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High by William Cobbett, David Jardine (1818)
"... for conspiring to incite an Insurrection in the Kingdom of Ireland ; before the Honourable Mr. Justice Dowries, at Drogheda, April: 34 GEORGE III. ..."

3. Diplomatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak of the European War by James Brown Scott (1916)
"Parties of them have proceeded to Hama, Homs, Baalbek, Damascus, the Hauran, to incite sheikhs against Great Britain, and they are to continue their journey ..."

4. Commentaries Upon Martial Law: With Special Reference to Its Regulation and by William Francis Finlason, Alexander James Edmund Cockburn (1867)
"... is to incite to such acts, or to acts which naturally must have such results, whether or not intended to take effect at the precise time or place. ..."

5. A Treatise on the Criminal Law as Now Administered in the United States by Emlin McClain (1897)
"Attempt to procure or incite.— Although one who attempts to procure another to commit perjury does not actually commit it and is not technically guilty of ..."

6. Endymion, the Man in the Moon: Played Before the Queen's Majesty at by John Lyly (1894)
"... it is nothing but aire vehemently moov'd) so hath he never ceast, with all the vehemence of winde or breath that he hath, to incite and moove me to win ..."

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