Definition of Inflatable cushion

1. Noun. A cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated.

Exact synonyms: Air Cushion
Generic synonyms: Cushion

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Literary usage of Inflatable cushion

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dental materia medica and therapeutics by Hermann Prinz (1917)
"... ordinary face piece is usually made of soft rubber, with a plain rim or an inflatable cushion. Recently celluloid face hoods, supplied with an ..."

2. Surgery, Its Principles and Practice by William Williams Keen (1909)
"... tube for conducting air above the sponge ; E, metal face-piece with wire cage for sponge ; F, inflatable cushion for face-piece. to maintain anesthesia. ..."

3. Less + More: Droog Design in Context by Renny Ramakers (2002)
"... include an inflatable cushion that makes the communication flows that penetrate the home visible and tangible.15 Materializing or visualizing invisible ..."

4. Illustrations of surgical instruments of superior quality. [Catalogue] by Kny-Scheerer Company (1915)
"... with aseptic metal cover and inflatable cushion 3.00 B/-20 Bennett's Inhaler, combined for ether and nitrous-oxide gas, in case 50.00 Without case 45.00 ..."

5. Bulletin by United States Bureau of Mines (1920)
"An air-tight inflatable cushion ; also a device for arresting motion without shock, by confined air. (Webster) Air door. A door placed in a mine passage to ..."

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