Definition of Inflatables

1. Noun. (plural of inflatable) ¹

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Definition of Inflatables

1. inflatable [n] - See also: inflatable

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Literary usage of Inflatables

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Costa Rica Alive! by Bruce Morris (2002)
"There are kayaks, inflatables and a variety of small powerboats available for rent. Guided two- or three-day fully catered sea kayaking trips to nearby ..."

2. Adventure Guide to New Hampshire by Elizabeth L. Dugger (2002)
"For water sports equipment like water-skis, wetsuits, inflatables, and even bathing suits and fishing gear, Dive Winnipesaukee at 4 North Main Street ..."

3. Best Dives of the Western Hemisphere by Joyce Huber (1999)
"... diving is done from inflatables. Some have no ladders and require muscle and a big fin kick to get back in. Best Dives of the Galapagos Unique marine ..."

4. Ninth Day of Creationby Leonard Crane by Leonard Crane (2000)
"The oiler by herself was reported to have plucked over 1400 extra passengers from rubber inflatables, adding to her complement of survivors from the Paul ..."

5. A Hedonist's Guide to Lisbon by Sarah Marshall (2004)
"Neon inflatables suspended from the ceiling and faux-flame candles are deliciously tacky; the mock-Hawaiian beach bar out back is even more entertaining. ..."

6. Sabra Crossing: An Ecological Adventure in the North Atlantic by Michael L. Frankel (1991)
"It was wet and bumpy as the inflatables scooted around in very lumpy seas. The outboard motors took such a beating that about as much time was spent on ..."

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