Definition of Instrumental conditioning

1. Noun. Operant conditioning that pairs a response with a reinforcement in discrete trials; reinforcement occurs only after the response is given.

Generic synonyms: Operant Conditioning

Medical Definition of Instrumental conditioning

1. Conditioning in which the response is a prerequisite to achieving some goal; often used as a synonym for operant conditioning, but some psychologists make distinctions in the usages of these two terms. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Instrumental conditioning

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Social Security Programs in the U. S. by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"Instrumental Learning Animal experiments on "instrumental conditioning," another form of learning, also have important implications for human behavior. ..."

2. The Sexual Predatorby Anita M. Schlank, Fred Cohen by Anita M. Schlank, Fred Cohen (1999)
"... Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Model7 9-8 Modeling 9-10 Respondent Conditioning 9-10 instrumental conditioning 9-11 A Gradual Process 9-11 Assessment of ..."

3. The Greek Testament: With a Critically Revised Text, a Digest of Various by Henry Alford (1878)
"And thus, us Del. maintains, the instrumental, conditioning-element force of iv seems to predominate : through, or in virtue of, the blood (Acts xx. ..."

4. The New Testament for English Readers: Containing the Authorized Version by Henry Alford (1866)
"The instrumental, conditioning- element force of in seems to predominate : through, or in virtue of, the blood [Acts xx. 28]. See on the whole, Isa. ..."

5. The Fractional Family, Being the First Part of Spirit--mathematics--matter by Arthur Young (1864)
"... in conformity to the fundamental forces of our Nature, the result must be as beneficial, as in the case of all other instrumental conditioning of forces ..."

6. Strategies to Control Tobacco Use in the U. S.: A Blueprint for Public (1991)
"Wilde (1964) attempted to induce a dislike for • the taste of cigarettes by combining satiation with aversive, ™ avoidance, and instrumental conditioning. ..."

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