Definition of Instrumental role

1. Noun. The semantic role of the entity (usually inanimate) that the agent uses to perform an action or start a process.

Exact synonyms: Instrument
Generic synonyms: Participant Role, Semantic Role

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Literary usage of Instrumental role

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Asia's Emerging Regional Order: Reconciling Traditional and Human Security by William T. Tow, In-Taek Hyun (2000)
"It is arguable that over the course of the twentieth century the state's instrumental role in the provision of security was one of diminishing efficacy. ..."

2. The Thirty-six Dramatic Situations by Georges Polti (1917)
"These remarks also apply to the "Instrumental" role; and not alone these remarks, but those also which concern the "Object," are applicable to the Role-Lien ..."

3. Cultural Reality by Florian Znaniecki (1919)
"THE instrumental role OF SCIENCE We have considered knowledge in its reference to the practical organization of reality as to its object-matter. ..."

4. Curriculum Reform: An Overview of Trends by Malcolm Skilbeck (1990)
"... made it perfectly clear that schooling must perform an instrumental role of adjustment to economic and other kinds of macro-social changes. ..."

5. The Troubled Birth of Russian Democracy: Parties, Personalities, and Programs by Michael McFaul, Sergei Markov (1993)
"Again, along with Vladimir Boxer and Vera Kriger, he played an instrumental role in organizing Democratic Russia's campaign. After the founding congress of ..."

6. From Elements to Atoms: A History of Chemical Composition by Robert Siegfried (2002)
"The instrumental role of the matrix became the crucible of the experimentalist, and the earthy part became the chemical EARTH of ..."

7. The Expanding Role of State and Local Governments in U.S. Foreign Affairs by Earl H. Fry (1998)
"... although the White House plays an instrumental role as the president fulfills his role as chief executive and commander in chief.127 Undoubtedly, ..."

8. SBIR Program Diversity and Assessment Challenges: Report of a Symposium by Charles W. Wessner (2004)
"... found that such public-private partnerships "can play an instrumental role in accelerating the development of new technologies from idea to market. ..."

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