Definition of Japanese deer

1. Noun. Small deer of Japan with slightly forked antlers.

Exact synonyms: Cervus Nipon, Cervus Sika, Sika
Generic synonyms: Cervid, Deer
Group relationships: Cervus, Genus Cervus

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Literary usage of Japanese deer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Bibliography of the Japanese Empire: Being a Classified List of All Books by Friedrich Wenckstern, Léon Pagès (1895)
"Powerscourt, Viscount, On the acclimatization of the japanese deer at Po- ... M. Sclater, PL Note on the japanese deer living in the Zoological Society's ..."

2. Horns and Hoofs: Or Chapters on Hoofed Animals by Richard Lydekker (1893)
"THE japanese deer AND ITS ALLIES. The second group of true deer is represented by several species of medium size, mostly from Eastern Asia, ..."

3. The National Zoological Park: A Popular Account of Its Collections by Ned Hollister (1919)
"This striking species thrives in the large paddocks provided for it. Its antlers are large, sweeping, and many-tined. The little japanese deer (Sika nippon) ..."

4. Bulletin by Bureau of Biological Survey, United States (1907)
"In 1879 Lord Powerscourt wrote: japanese deer require no cure of any kind; ... The japanese deer here have undoubtedly interbred with the red deer; ..."

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