Definition of John hope franklin

1. Noun. United States historian noted for studies of Black American history (born in 1915).

Exact synonyms: Franklin
Generic synonyms: Historian, Historiographer

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Literary usage of John hope franklin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Black Americans in Congress, 1870-1989 by Bruce A. Ragsdale, Joel D. Treese (1996)
"Edited and with an Introduction by john hope franklin. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1970. Mann, Kenneth Eugene. "John Roy Lynch: US Congressman ..."

2. Test Case: Italy, Ethiopia, and the League of Nations by George W. Baer (1976)
"Black Americans, seeing Ethiopia as a black man's country, became international-minded as never before (john hope franklin, From Slavery to Freedom: A ..."

3. Black Americans in Defense of Our Nation: Female Participation & Involvement by DIANE Publishing Company (1990)
"The eminent historian john hope franklin wrote: "On March 13, 1865, ... (John Hope Franklin, From Slavery to Freedom: A History of the American Negro, ..."

4. Biographical Memoirs by National Academy Of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences Staff, Caroline K. McEuen (1980)
"So his count was moderated by his compassion.* Percy's dear friend, the great historian and humanist john hope franklin, in his tribute at the Visitation ..."

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