Definition of Judge advocate general

1. Noun. The senior legal advisor to a branch of the military.

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Literary usage of Judge advocate general

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Guide to the Archives of the Government of the United States in Washington by Claude Halstead Van Tyne (1907)
"L. 351), and in 1862 the office of Judge-Advocate-General was created (12 Stat. ... The judge-advocate-general reviews and makes reports upon the proceed- 1 ..."

2. The Assassination of President Lincoln: And the Trial of the Conspirators by David E. Herold, Benn Pitman (1865)
"All the members present; also the judge advocate general. The Ifon. John A. Bingham, and Brevet Colonel HL Burnett, Judge Advocate, were then introduced by ..."

3. Diary of Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy Under Lincoln and Johnson by Gideon Welles (1911)
"... Randall's Shakiness — Thurlow Weed's Attack on Chase — Secretary Welles advises the President to remove Judge-Advocate-General Holt with Stanton and to ..."

4. Military Laws of the United States (Army) by United States (1901)
"By section 5 of the act of July 17, 1862 (12 ibid., 598), the office of Judge-Advocate-General was created, with the rank and pay of brigadier-general; ..."

5. On Parliamentary Government in England: Its Origin, Development, and by Alpheus Todd (1869)
"The judicial department of the army is presided over by the Judge-Advocate-General of the United Kingdom, who is appointed by the queen under the ..."

6. The Military Forces of the Crown: Their Administration and Government by Charles Mathew Clode (1869)
"Of course when the Judge-Advocate- General does not thus initiate ... In the first class of cases the Judge-Advocate-General or his deputy attended all ..."

7. A Source-book of Military Law and War-time Legislation by John Henry Wigmore, United States War Dept. Committee on Education and Special Training (1919)
"Regimental sergeants major and battalion sergeants major, judge advocate general's Department, will be appointed by the judge advocate general upon the ..."

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