Definition of Judgment in rem

1. Noun. A judgment pronounced on the status of some particular subject or property or thing (as opposed to one pronounced on persons).

Exact synonyms: Judgement In Rem
Generic synonyms: Judgement, Judgment, Judicial Decision
Category relationships: Jurisprudence, Law
Antonyms: Judgment In Personam

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Literary usage of Judgment in rem

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bouvier's Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia by John Bouvier, Francis Rawle (1914)
"judgment in rem. An adjudication pronounced upon the status of some ... The universal effect of a judgment in rem depends upon the principle that it is a ..."

2. A Digest of the Law of England with Reference to the Conflict of Laws by Albert Venn Dicey (1896)
"(B) JUDGMENT in Rem. RULE 102.3 — A valid foreign judgment in rem * in respect of the title to a movable gives a valid title to the movable in England to ..."

3. A Selection of Leading Cases on Various Branches of the Law: With Notes by John William Smith, Richard Henn Collins Collins, Robert George Arbuthnot (1889)
"If such a decree is a judgment in rem, it is difficult to discover any ground for saying that the decree ordaining the sale of this ship is to be considered ..."

4. A Treatise on the Law of Evidence as Administered in England and Ireland by John Pitt Taylor (1887)
"In other words, an order of adjudication is henceforth to be regarded in its proper light, that is, as a judgment in rem.1 § 1749. ..."

5. The American and English Encyclopedia of Law by John Houston Merrill, Charles Frederic Williams, Thomas Johnson Michie, David Shephard Garland (1893)
"A judgment in rem is an adjudication pronounced upon the status of some ... *Sio, it is said : " A judgment in rem I conceive to be an adjudication ..."

6. Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, Foreign and Domestic by Joseph Story, Melville Madison Bigelow (1883)
"... was in the nature of a judgment in rem, and that the plaintiffs were concluded by it as such, but seemed to think that, even if not a judgment in rem, ..."

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