Definition of Knee piece

1. Noun. Armor plate that protects the knee.

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Literary usage of Knee piece

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering by Julius Ludwig Weisbach, Walter Rogers Johnson (1849)
"In any bend or knee piece jlB, Fig. 291, there is a resultant pressure CR = R, which may be put = P ^/-2 = Ft hy . ^/2, Ft being the area of the pipe and h ..."

2. A Treatise on Modern Instrumentation and Orchestration: To which is Appended by Hector Berlioz (1882)
"In order to prolong the sound, the key should be put down at the same time that the knee-piece is pressed ; thus : — knee-piece. If it be wished to stop the ..."

3. Practical Shipbuilding: A Treatise on the Structural Design and Building of by A. Campbell Holms (1918)
"The knee piece B is now prepared for welding, by heating it and staving up ... The knee piece and beam are then heated in separate fires to a white heat, ..."

4. The Theory and Practice of Absolute Measurements in Electricity and Magnetism by Andrew Gray (1888)
"The vertical stem of a knee-piece Sir w. passes through each tube, ... The contact "between the stem, each knee-piece, and its tube is shunted over by a ..."

5. A treatise upon modern instrumentation and orchestration: Containing an by Hector Berlioz, Mary Cowden Clarke (1858)
"Two knee-piece« are placed beneath the key-board in such a way as to be readily put in action by a touch of the player's knees. ..."

6. The Mediæval Church Architecture of England by Charles Herbert Moore (1912)
"Beneath this is a knee piece b, reaching only to the lower purlin c, where it stops against the principal rafter. The hammer-beam d supports an inclined ..."

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