Definition of Leaf miner

1. Noun. Any of various small moths or dipterous flies whose larvae burrow into and feed on leaf tissue especially of the family Gracilariidae.

Exact synonyms: Leaf-miner
Generic synonyms: Insect

Definition of Leaf miner

1. Noun. An insect larva that lives within leaf tissue. ¹

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Literary usage of Leaf miner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report (1900)
"A Leaf-miner in Water Lilies. Unfits H. Pettit, BS Printed in this report. 15. Some Modifications of the Zeiss Microphotographic Apparatus. ..."

2. Report on the Injurious Insects and Other Animals Observed in the Midland by Walter Edward Collinge (1908)
"... proved an admirable remedy, destroying this and other ground larvae without in any way damaging the plants. THE APPLE leaf miner. ..."

3. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1872)
"... reasonably) be dissevered from faith in an Ordainer, which is the basis of religion. THE WHITE COFFEE-leaf miner. [Concluded from June number, p. ;H1. ..."

4. Manual of Fruit Insects by Mark Vernon Slingerland, Cyrus Richard Crosby (1914)
"THE BLACKBERRY LEAF-MINER Metallus rubi Forbes The leaves of blackberries and dewberries ... The blackberry leaf-miner, adult. larged. a single leaf (Fig. ..."

5. Insect Architecture by James Rennie (1830)
"The vine-leaf miner, when about to construct its cocoon, cuts, from the termination of its gallery, two pieces of the membrane of the leaf, ..."

6. Annals and Magazine of Natural History by William Jardine (1849)
"[SECOND SERIES.] No. 24. DECEMBER 1849. XL.—On the Primrose-leaf Miner; with notice of a proposed new Genus, and characters of three Species of Diptera. ..."

7. Zoe: A Biological Journal by Townshend Stith Brandegee, Katharine Layne Brandegee (1908)
"ON A LEAF-MINER OF POPULUS FREMONT!. BY CH TYLER TOWNSEND. Almost every spring the cottonwoods in the town of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and its vicinity, ..."

8. The Canadian Entomologist by Entomological Society of Canada (1951- ), Entomological Society of Ontario (1892)
"It bears a striking resemblance to the leaf- miner of the vine found in the Mesilla valley of the Rio Grande. It possesses the sucker-like mouth of that ..."

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