Definition of Least effort

1. Noun. The least effortful way to do something.

Exact synonyms: Least Resistance
Generic synonyms: Effort, Elbow Grease, Exertion, Sweat, Travail

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Literary usage of Least effort

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Readings in Descriptive and Historical Sociology by Franklin Henry Giddings (1906)
"The Law of least effort. — It is a corollary of this fundamental truth that ... Modes of least effort. — All knowledge proceeds through a comparison of the ..."

2. Proportion and Harmony of Line and Color in Painting, Sculpture, and by George Lansing Raymond (1899)
"... for Each Eye and for Both Eyes—The Horizontal Shape Seen with the least effort is Rounded Backward—The Perpendicular Shape is Elliptical — Convergence ..."

3. The Homoeopathic domestic medicine by Joseph Laurie (1883)
"... or acrid flow from the nose ; ulcération of the nostrils, and discharge of blood from the nose, induced by the least effort; burning heat of the eyes, ..."

4. Grimm's Law: a Study: Or Hints Towards an Explanation of the So-called by Thomas Le Marchant Douse (1876)
"If we test the Chronological Hypothesis of Grimm's Law by this wide-ruling Principle of least effort, we shall iI shall venture, for brevity, ..."

5. From Latin to Spanish by Paul M. Lloyd (1987)
"It can be seen, then, that no precise definition can be given to the term "least effort." Nevertheless, there is undoubtedly a core of truth involved in the ..."

6. The Elements of Sociology: A Text-book for Colleges and Schools by Franklin Henry Giddings (1907)
"To perfectly satisfy ourselves that the interpretation of sympathy in terms of the law of least effort is the true one, we have only to ask ourselves what ..."

7. Harvard Psychological Studies by Harvard Psychological Laboratory (1922)
"The pith of his remarks is expressed in the following: "Entre les deux, (ie, the tendency towards the least effort and the law of economy) il ya un fond ..."

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