Definition of Leg extensor

1. Noun. An exercise designed to strengthen the extensor muscles of the leg.

Generic synonyms: Leg Exercise

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Literary usage of Leg extensor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Life and Health: A Text-book on Physiology for High Schools, Academies and by Albert Franklin Blaisdell (1902)
"... flexes the forearm. flexors of wrist. adducts the thigh. draw the thigh inwards. crosses the legs. extensor of leg. extensor of leg. extensor of leg ..."

2. Anatomy, descriptive and surgical by Henry Gray (1864)
"Integument, superficial and deep fasciae. Tibialis anticus (overlaps it in upper part of leg) Extensor longus digitorum ) ( jp it slightly). ..."

3. The Horse: With a Treatise on Draught by William Youatt (1843)
"... hind leg (extensor pedig, extensor of the foot). It commences by a small flat tendon, common to it, and the flexor metatarsi. Passing over the tibia it ..."

4. Review of Neurology and Psychiatry (1904)
"... resulting in paralysis of one leg : extensor response on the " sound " side. Henry S., seaman, aged 21, was admitted to the National Hospital, ..."

5. The Human body by Henry Newell Martin (1898)
"Muscles that extend or straighten the Leg (Extensor Muscles). The muscles that bend the Leg are placed on the back of the thigh, so that they cannot be seen ..."

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