Definition of Lemonades

1. Noun. (plural of lemonade) ¹

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Definition of Lemonades

1. lemonade [n] - See also: lemonade

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Literary usage of Lemonades

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Dessert Book: A Complete Manual from the Best American and Foreign (1872)
"lemonades AND ACIDULATED DRINKS. HOT LEMONADE. — MILK LEMONADE. ... lemonades. IN making lemonade, always choose the freshest and ripest lemons ; rasp the ..."

2. Medical Lexicon: A Dictionary of Medical Science ... with French and Other by Robley Dunglison (1860)
"... cold water, cold lemonades, soda-water, and effervescing draughts internally ; and externally, cool air, cold water, evaporating lotions, ..."

3. The Techno-chemical Receipt Book: Containing Several Thousand Receipts by William Theodore Brannt, William Henry Wahl (1886)
"American Syrups for Mineral Waters and lemonades. Lemon Syrup. Peel fresh lemons ami «rate the peel with a sufficient quantity of granulated sugar. ..."

4. Bulletin of Pharmacy (1893)
"Consequently the lemonades contain three principal constituents: water, acid, ... It is, however, permissible to prepare lemonades to some extent ..."

5. Dr. Chase's Recipes: Or, Information for Everybody; an Invaluable Collection by Alvin Wood Chase, William Wesley Cook (1920)
"Fruit Juice lemonades.—lemonades may be made from fruit juices by proceeding the same as with plain lemonades, excepting that only a small amount of lemon ..."

6. The Cultivated Oranges and Lemons, Etc. of India and Ceylon: With Researches by Emanuel Bonavia (1888)
"Tartaric acid, being much cheaper than citric acid, is largely used for making these so-called lemonades. Sulphuric acid, largely diluted, is often, ..."

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