Definition of Lemon tree

1. Noun. A small evergreen tree that originated in Asia but is widely cultivated for its fruit.

Exact synonyms: Citrus Limon, Lemon
Terms within: Lemon
Group relationships: Genus Citrus
Generic synonyms: Citrus, Citrus Tree
Specialized synonyms: Citrus Limetta, Sweet Lemon, Sweet Lime

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Literary usage of Lemon tree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cyclopedia of American Horticulture: Comprising Suggestions for Cultivation by Liberty Hyde Bailey, Wilhelm Miller (1900)
"... lemon tree of less riotous growth and fruit of less average size and, withal, a healthier and more satisfactory tree, was found to be attained by using ..."

2. Biennial Report by California Dept. of Agriculture, California State Commission of Horticulture (1894)
"If you girdle the lemon tree, there is nothing in the world that will save it. ... Now, I happen to have one lemon tree in my old orchard which has the gum ..."

3. Biennial Report by South Dakota, California State Board of Horticulture, State Athletic Commission (1890)
"Now, if there is any lesson to be drawn from this, it is that you can make a perfect lemon tree grow from a cutting in the proper soil. ..."

4. The Story of Charing Cross and Its Immediate Neighbourhood by J. Holden Macmichael (1906)
"The sign of the " lemon tree" in this street, a few doors from the ... The first sign of the " lemon tree" seems, indeed, to have been in the Market itself, ..."

5. The California Fruits and how to Grow Them: A Manual of Methods which Have by Edward James Wickson (1921)
"The orange root thrives on a greater variety of soils than the lemon, and produces a healthy lemon tree where the lemon on its own root would fail. ..."

6. The Unity of the Organism; Or, The Organismal Conception of Life by William Emerson Ritter (1919)
"An illustration of this even more striking than that of the lemon tree is furnished by the Coast Redwood of California (Sequoia ..."

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