Definition of Lietuva

1. Noun. A republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea.

Exact synonyms: Lithuania, Republic Of Lithuania
Generic synonyms: Baltic Republic, Baltic State
Terms within: Klaipeda, Memel, Capital Of Lithuania, Vilna, Vilnius, Vilno, Wilno, Kaunas, Kovna, Kovno
Member holonyms: Lithuanian
Derivative terms: Lithuanian

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Literary usage of Lietuva

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Oecd Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment by Oecd (2001)
"... Hotel lietuva I"lietuva"I - Ship Repair Yard I"Vakaru Laivu Remontas"I, etc. Later on, some enterprises, for example Hotel lietuva I"lietuva"I, ..."

2. The Kassandra Complex by Murray Lawrence, Lawrence Murray (2003)
"lietuva?" "lietuva has Sentinels. To answer your question, I plan to seek holiness here imitating our ascetic monks and the gurus of India by meditating and ..."

3. Russia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe: A Survey of Holdings at the by Joseph D. Dwyer (1980)
"... (1942- 1944); lietuva (1943); Lietuvos kelias (1944); ... trimitas (1943); Nepriklausoma lietuva (1943-1944); ..."

4. Investigations Representing the Departments: Greek, Latin, Comparative by University of Chicago (1903)
"There are two Lithuanian weeklies, the lietuva and the ... were sold in one office — that of "The editor of the lietuva estimates 14000, ..."

5. Toward an Understanding of Russia: New European Perspectives by Janusz Bugajski, Marek Michalewski (2002)
"The remaining amount was supplied by the intermediate companies Stella Vitae, Itera lietuva, and Itera Lit, jointly owned by Lithuanian private investors ..."

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