Definition of Lightninged

1. Verb. (past of lightning) ¹

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Definition of Lightninged

1. lightning [v] - See also: lightning

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Literary usage of Lightninged

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Letters of Richard Watson Gilder by Richard Watson Gilder (1916)
"Committeemen, including some Tammany men, were present, when they asked him for pledges, it turns out now that he "thundered and lightninged" at them. ..."

2. Anecdotes of Public Men by John Wien Forney (1873)
"From which John Quincy Adams was sought to be expelled for words spoken in debate ? In which Toombs thundered, Keitt lightninged, and Wigfall threatened ? ..."

3. William Clayton's Journal: A Daily Record of the Journey of the Original by William Clayton (1921)
"While we were weighing it a storm arose and it .rained and thundered and lightninged throughout the day and nearly all night. I have not seen more rain fall ..."

4. The World's Orators: Comprising the Great Orations of the World's History edited by Guy Carleton Lee (1902)
"Aristophanes {Aoh., 530) speaks of him as the Olympian who "thundered and lightninged and shook all Greece." " This man," says Eupolis, the comic poet ..."

5. A Tenderfoot with Peary by George Borup (1911)
"... down near the tent while we yelled, "Oo ming muck! Oo ming muck!" ("Musk- ox! Musk-ox!") to the dogs, which greased- lightninged it till they got near ..."

6. Selections from the Poetical Works of Mortimer Collins by Mortimer Collins (1886)
"Here, in the great Apocalypse, which ends The holy gladness of the Testament, As some loud-voiced strong-lightninged thunderstorm ..."

7. The Chinese Fairy Book by Richard Wilhelm (1921)
"It thundered and lightninged incessantly, so that his ears rang and his eyes were blinded. It seemed as though the house would fall. ..."

8. The City of Is: And Other Poems by Frederick Milton Willis (1903)
"... spectral in the lightninged l>la.-t. Breathless, her hastening step she slowed (Heavily pressed her worn ..."

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