Definition of Line function

1. Noun. Any primary business function that would affect customers or profits if interrupted ¹

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Literary usage of Line function

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Guide to the Study of Fishes by David Starr Jordan (1905)
"... are the mucous channels which in primitive fishes constitute the lateral line. Function of the Lateral Line.—The general function of the lateral line ..."

2. Development of Mathematics in the 19th Century by Felix Klein, Robert Hermann (1979)
"THE "STRAIGHT LINE" FUNCTION Let X be a complete Riemannian manifold. I will now attempt to take the first steps to directly build a "line geometry" ..."

3. Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers by American Institute of Electrical Engineers (1917)
"... that those shunts in-.tead of giving a straight line function, for the j component of the impedance which would be obtained with inductive character ..."

4. The Directional Calculus: Based Upon the Methods of Hermann Grassmann by Edward Wyllys Hyde (1890)
"The function if/ is a linear line function of L, self-conjugate, and therefore ... Center of L\\f/L = 0, \f/ being any linear self-conjugate line function. ..."

5. Mathematical and Physical Papers by Sir George Gabriel Stokes, Baron John William Strutt Rayleigh (1905)
"If ^ be the stream line function, taken, say, with reference to the mean velocities u', ... In this case the stream line function satisfies the same partial ..."

6. Oculo-refractive Cyclopedia and Dictionary by Thomas George Atkinson (1921)
"Insertion: About 7 mm. from the outer margin of the cornea on a similar line. Function: Rotates the eyeball outward. Superior Rectus. ..."

7. Report of the Annual Meeting (1899)
"JO I If i// be the stream-line function, taken, say, with reference to the mean ... In this case the stream line function satisfies the same partial ..."

8. Elementary Algebra by George Albert Wentworth (1906)
"If the method of § 358 is used, if the straight line function of the given equation cuts the parabola ï2 = y in two points, the roots of the equation are ..."

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