Definition of Line of destiny

1. Noun. A crease on the palm; palmists say it indicates how successful you will be.

Exact synonyms: Line Of Fate, Line Of Saturn
Generic synonyms: Crease, Crinkle, Furrow, Line, Seam, Wrinkle

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Literary usage of Line of destiny

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Descriptive Mentality from the Head, Face and Hand by Holmes Whittier Merton (1899)
"For this reason it is often found that a very marked and extended line of Destiny appears upon the Conic, Psychic and Philosophic hand, even when the ..."

2. Palmistry for All by Cheiro (1916)
"CHAPTER V THE line of destiny OR FATE THE Line of Destiny, otherwise called the Line of Fate (ii, Plate XI.) is naturally one of the most ..."

3. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1822)
"If Whiggism spins the line of destiny, the bolder sheer» of Jacobinism finish the work, and cut the thread in sunder. I cannot see into the hearts of men, ..."

4. The Christian Examiner edited by Edward Everett Hale (1865)
"Every one, of course, is willing to allow the romancer a wide margin of glorious chances; but the line of destiny sticks out painfully all through the book, ..."

5. Echoes of Harper's Ferry by James Redpath (1860)
"They may pass the line of destiny where there is no more space of repentance, though it be sought carefully with tears. Aristotle somewhere in his works has ..."

6. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1898)
"It is not that we are taking them by conquest, but we are simply accepting what is offered us in the manifest line of destiny. We believe a very grave and ..."

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