Definition of Linkboys

1. linkboy [n] - See also: linkboy

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Literary usage of Linkboys

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. England and the English in the Eighteenth Century: Chapters in the Social by William Connor Sydney (1891)
"... the wall —Inconveniences endured by foot-passengers—Signboards—A city shower—Sedan chairmen—Pall Mall—Night side of Old London—linkboys and watchmen—The ..."

2. A Handy Book of Curious Information: Comprising Strange Happenings in the by William Shepard Walsh (1913)
"... and attended by linkboys with flaring ton-it- passed at evening through the ... the linkboys thrust their flambeau'. into the large extinguishers which ..."

3. A Handy Book of Curious Information: Comprising Strange Happenings in the by William Shepard Walsh (1913)
"Fine was the spectacle when a train of these chairs, occupied by fashionables, borne by flunkeys, and attended by linkboys with flaring torches. passed at ..."

4. The Ancient Classical Drama: A Study in Literary Evolution Intended for by Richard Green Moulton (1890)
"Entry of the Chorus on their way to court, gloating 230 over their unworthy occupation—varied by a concerto with their linkboys 248-72 —a strophe and ..."

5. The American Historical Review by American Historical Association (1905)
"Eighteenth-century literature concerns itself with the proletariate only as they served the needs of fashionable society—the drawers, the linkboys, ..."

6. The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb by Maurice Henry Hewlett, Laurence Binyon, Edward James Hewlett, William Randolph Hearst, Jonathan Swift, Charles Lamb, Mary Lamb, Edward Verrall Lucas, Frederick Madison Smith, Mariano Tomás (1905)
"I quite enjoy looking out of the window and listening to the calling up of the carriages and the squabbles of the coachmen and linkboys. ..."

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