Definition of Little auk

1. Noun. Small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regions.

Exact synonyms: Dovekie, Plautus Alle
Generic synonyms: Auk
Group relationships: Genus Plautus, Plautus

Definition of Little auk

1. Noun. A dovekie, a bird of the species ''Alle alle''. ¹

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Literary usage of Little auk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Voyage of the Vega Round Asia and Europe: With a Historical Review of by Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1885)
"A portion of the flock now flies up again, others seek their safety like rats in concealment THE little auk. ..."

2. A History of British Birds by Thomas Bewick, Ralph Beilby, Henry Cotes (1816)
"... THE little auk. LITTLE BLACK AND WHITE DIVER, GREENLAND DOVE, OR SEA-TURTLE. (Aka die, Lin.—Lepetit Guillemot, Huff.) THIS is a plump round-shaped bird, ..."

3. A History of British Birds by William Yarrell, Alfred Newton, Howard Saunders (1884)
"Legs abdomin il, short; feet of three toes, all directed forwards, and united by a membrane. Wings and tail short. THE little auk, or Common ..."

4. Amid Snowy Wastes: Wild Life on the Spitsbergen Archipelago by Seton Paul Gordon (1922)
"The little auk (plotus alle), as we see him in winter in British waters, ... Of all Spitsbergen birds, I think that the fulmar and the little auk are the ..."

5. The Auk: Quarterly Journal of Ornithology by American Ornithologists' Union, Nuttall Ornithological Club (1876)
"The little auk, although a strong and swift flier, accomplishes its long flights by an apparently heavy expenditure of energy. Their wings are short and ..."

6. A Thousand Days in the Arctic by Frederick George Jackson (1899)
"... (HEN) little auk SNOW-BUNTING (COCK) cloudless sunny sky, with considerable visibility and 24° of frost ; in fact, one of those pleasant sunny days so ..."

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