Definition of Long beech fern

1. Noun. Beech fern of North America and Eurasia.

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Literary usage of Long beech fern

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Know the Ferns: A Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits of Our by Frances Theodora Parsons (1899)
"The long beech fern I have found growing a Portion of pinna alternately in company ... In many ways this plant resembles its sister, the long beech fern, ..."

2. The Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania: Annotated Checklist and Atlas by Ann Fowler Rhoads, William M. Klein (1993)
"W Thelypteris phegopteris (L.) Slosson long beech fern; Northern beech fern Herbaceous perennial Cool woods, damp thickets and shaded rock crevices, ..."

3. Children's Gardens for School and Home: A Manual of Cooperative Gardening by Louise Klein Miller (1904)
"... Brake Maidenhair Fern Lady-Fern Ebony Spleenwort Walking-Fern Virginia Chain-Fern Fragrant Shield-Fern Common Polypody Long Beech-Fern Broad Beech-Fern ..."

4. The Natural History of the Toronto Region, Ontario, Canada by Canadian Institute (1849-1914), Joseph Horace Faull (1913)
"... Fee (Long Beech- fern). Rather rare on shaded bank at Highland Creek, but quite common in the northern part of the province, where Phegopteris ..."

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