Definition of Loose sentence

1. Noun. A complex sentence in which the main clause comes first and the subordinate clause follows.

Generic synonyms: Complex Sentence

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Literary usage of Loose sentence

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Composition and Rhetoric by Alexander Bain (1890)
"THE PERIOD AND THE loose sentence. 2. In a Period, the meaning is suspended until the close. Sentences where this is not the case are termed loose. ..."

2. A Rhetorical Grammar: In which Improprieties in Reading and Speaking are by John Walker (1822)
"loose sentence. "* A loose sentence has been shown to consist of a period, either direct or inverted, and an additional member which does not modify it; or, ..."

3. Composition for College Students by Joseph Morris Thomas, Frederick Alexander Manchester, Frank William Scott (1922)
"Such a sentence because of its structure is called a loose sentence. The other type of sentence is called periodic. A periodic sentence is a sentence so ..."

4. The Elements of Reading and Oratory by Henry Mandeville (1850)
"It is a compound declarative perfect loose sentence with two parts. ... What, by a loose sentence 5 A. A sentence which contains two or more distinct though ..."

5. Composition-rhetoric by Fred Newton Scott (1898)
"Uses of the loose sentence. Whether long or short, every sentence is also, in the arrangement of its parts, loose or periodic or balanced. ..."

6. A Manual of Composition and Rhetoric: A Text-book for Schools and Colleges by John Seely Hart (1892)
"A loose sentence is one which is so constructed that it may be brought to a ... Uses of the loose sentence.— A loose sentence is not necessarily faulty. ..."

7. Composition, Rhetoric, Literature: A Four Years' Course for Secondary Schools by Martha Hale Shackford, Margaret Judson (1913)
"The loose sentence.— A loose sentence is one whose meaning is clear, and whose grammatical structure is complete, at one or more places before the end of ..."

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