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Literary usage of

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Geography of Herodotus ...: Illustrated from Modern Researches and by James Talboys Wheeler (1854)
"... breastplates of iron scales, loose trousers, osier bucklers, etc. ... Loose trousers, pointed hats, peculiar bows, daggers, and battle-axes of the ..."

2. Chambers's Information for the People by William Chambers, Robert Chambers (1842)
"The men wear loose trousers tied round the waist, underneath a smock-frock. ... The uniform of the Chinese soldiers is loose trousers and jacket, ..."

3. On a raft, and Through the desert by Tristram James Ellis (1881)
"wear any but short petticoats, or show their loose trousers right up to-the waist. The way of drawing water from the wells, very deep in these parts, ..."

4. The Health Exhibition Literature (1884)
"SASHIKO (a kind of quilted loose trousers). The colours and the figures of Sashiko were the same as those of sashi-nuki. The only difference was that the ..."

5. The Gospel in All Lands by Missionary Society, Methodist Episcopal Church (1888)
"... and go about in their loose trousers only ; but they usually wear sandals made of straw-leather ; and wide, umbrella-shaped hats to shield their shaved ..."

6. English Costume by Dion Clayton Calthrop (1906)
"Tight, well-fitting drawers or loose trousers. Bandages or garters crossed from the ankle to the knee to confine the loose trousers or ornament the tights. ..."

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