Definition of Love lyric

1. Noun. The lyric of a love song.

Generic synonyms: Language, Lyric, Words

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Literary usage of Love lyric

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Poetry by Modern Poetry Association (1916)
"And these little ones break through, Wink at us and taunt: "We are naked, fresh, and green, And you are not!" LOVE-LYRIC Stir! Shake off sleep! ..."

2. The New Poetry: An Anthology by Harriet Monroe, Alice Corbin Henderson (1917)
"Come to the sleepers, night; Light in them your fires. Stir— Shake off sleep. love lyric Your eyes are the soul of clear waters— Pigeons In a city street. ..."

3. Red Letter Day Plays by Getchell Parsons (1921)
"THE love lyric OF LETTERS This farce may be given at any time, but it it particularly well suited to an April Fool's entertainment. ..."

4. Robert Herrick: A Biographical and Critical Study by Frederic William Moorman (1910)
"... A Celebration of Charis," in the Underwoods— we recognize that he is breaking away from the romantic pastoral manner of the Italian love-lyric, ..."

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