Definition of Love tree

1. Noun. Small tree of the eastern Mediterranean having abundant purplish-red flowers growing on old wood directly from stems and appearing before the leaves: widely cultivated in mild regions; wood valuable for veneers.

Exact synonyms: Circis Siliquastrum, Judas Tree
Group relationships: Cercis, Genus Cercis
Generic synonyms: Angiospermous Tree, Flowering Tree

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Literary usage of Love tree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lisbon & Cintra: With Some Account of Other Cities and Historical Sites in by A. Cunnick Inchbold (1908)
"The love tree as it grows in Lisbon streets and gardens is literally covered, every branch and smallest twigs, with clustering masses of gay purple-pink ..."

2. English Compound Words and Phrases: A Reference List, with Statement of by Francis Horace Teall (1892)
"... love=plant love=potion lo\e=ribbon love=scene love=shaft love=sick love=song love=spell love=suit love=tap love=token love=tree love=trout love=worth ..."

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