Definition of Lutenist

1. Noun. A musician who plays the lute.

Exact synonyms: Lutanist, Lutist
Generic synonyms: Instrumentalist, Musician, Player
Specialized synonyms: Dowland, John Dowland
Derivative terms: Lute, Lute, Lute

Definition of Lutenist

1. n. Same as Lutanist.

Definition of Lutenist

1. Noun. One who plays the lute, a lutist. ¹

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Definition of Lutenist

1. lutanist [n -S] - See also: lutanist

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Literary usage of Lutenist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (A.D. 1450-1880) by George Grove, John Alexander Fuller-Maitland (1880)
"In 1752, upon the death of John Shore, he wa┬╗ appointed lutenist of the Chapel Royal. He vva> a diligent collector and assiduous student of the works of the ..."

2. Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys from His MS. Cypher in the Pepsyian by Samuel Pepys, Richard Griffin Braybrooke (1885)
"... (the lutenist) and his wife, and so we all walked to Westminster together, in our way drinking a while at my cost, and had a song of him, but his voice ..."

3. A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (A.D. 1450-1889) by Eminent Writers by John Alexander Fuller-Maitland, Adela Harriet Sophia Bagot Wodehouse (1879)
"Dowland, soon after its publication, entered the service of Christian IV, King of Denmark, as lutenist, and whilst resident in that country he published (in ..."

4. A Biographical Dictionary of Musicians by Theodore Baker (1905)
"Celebrated lutenist, pupil of Mesan- gean ; royal lutenist at London, 1617-47, ... Gaultier, Denis, also a famous lutenist ; b. Marseilles (1600-10?) ; d. ..."

5. British Musical Biography: A Dictionary of Musical Artists, Authors and by James Duff Brown, Stephen Samuel Stratton (1897)
"He became lutenist to the King in 1625. He died in 1626. WORKS. ... Dowland, Robert, composer,son of above, | succeeded his father as lutenist to the King, ..."

6. The Oxford History of Music by William Henry Hadow (1902)
"John Dowland was a famous lutenist, and many of his compositions were meant to be accompanied by the lute; and it is extremely probable that the individual ..."

7. Famous Composers and Their Works by John Knowles Paine, Theodore Thomas (1891)
"He was celebrated as the most accomplished lutenist of his age and is mentioned in that capacity in Shakespeare's sonnet : " If Music and sweet Poetry agree ..."

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