Definition of Mail call

1. Noun. A call of names of those receiving mail.

Generic synonyms: Roll Call

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Literary usage of Mail call

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Green Light!: Men of the 81st Troop Carrier Squadron Tell Their Story by Martin Wolfe (1989)
"On the other hand, when somebody banged on our barracks door and yelled "mail call!" you can be sure we zipped over to the Orderly Room fast enough. ..."

2. The Rudiments of Navigation: Demonstrated and Illustrated in a Plain and by Mungo Murray (1760)
"... by different nam.s, which we mail call their proper names; ... and draw it parallel to the margin of the book; BC we mail call the bafe, ..."

3. The United States Post Office: Its Past Record, Present Condition, and by Daniel Calhoun Roper (1917)
"... and fourth-class matter. Bums. Damaged tie-sacks. See Cripple. Callers. Patrons who regularly call at the post office for their mail. Call notice. ..."

4. Global Competitiveness of U.S. Advanced-Technology Industries: Cellular ... (1994)
"13 Popular call features are voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, information services, and data transmission. 12 Hone Kong industry representatives, ..."

5. Office Management, Its Principles and Practice: Covering Organization by Lee Galloway (1918)
"... scrutiny of the various expense factors and even of the general conditions surrounding the handling of the firm's mail, call for alertness and judgment. ..."

6. Company Administration by William Henry Waldron (1917)
"At mail call he will get mail from Camp Headquarters and take it to orderly room. The First Sergeant will deliver to him the personal mail of members of the ..."

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