Definition of Mail out

1. Verb. Transmit by mail. "The company mailed out the catalog to all potential customers"

Generic synonyms: Send, Send Out

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Literary usage of Mail out

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of Illinois, from 1778 to 1833; and Life and Times of Ninian Edwards by Ninian Wirt Edwards, William Wirt (1870)
"First, then, as to the sending the mail out of its way or regular direction. Whatever may be the principle adopted in regard to this matter, if equal in its ..."

2. Travel Letters from New Zealand, Australia and Africa by Edgar Watson Howe (1913)
"He also assisted with the ropes when the boat landed, which it did a few times, to throw mail out on the bank where there was no town, no houses, ..."

3. Measuring the Non-Observed Economy: A Handbook by Int. Labour Office With, OECD Staff, Adriaan M. Bloem, International Monetary Fund, Statistical Committee, Commonwealth of Independent States, Bureau of Statistics, International Labour Organisation, Statistics Directorate (2002)
"For many enterprise surveys, mail out mail back of self-completion questionnaires is the most ... Both the mail out and mail back may be by regular mail, ..."

4. National Evaluation of the Supportive Housing Demonstration Program: Final Mark L. Matulef by Mark L. Matulef (1995)
"C33 Efforts to Obtain a High Response Rate During the mail-out and mail-back period, Westat provided a toll-free (1-800) number for project sponsors to call ..."

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