Definition of Mammati

1. mammatus [n] - See also: mammatus

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Literary usage of Mammati

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary by Ibn Khallikān (1843)
"... composed the following satirical verses on Ibn al-mammati: The new converted Moslim is but a weak proselyte; his smiles betray his fell intent. ..."

2. Anecdota Oxoniensia by Abû Sâlih, Jephet Ibu Ali, Ad. Neubauer, G. H. Gwilliam, F. Crawford Burkitt, John F. Stenning, B. T. A. Evetts, Saadiah, H. J. Mathews, Wallis Budge, D. S. Margoliouth, W. E. Crum, Robert Henry Charles (1895)
"Near the monastery is a fountain called the Fountain of mammati; near this stands a great sycamore, under which the people assemble and drink, ..."

3. A History of Egypt in the Middle Ages by Stanley Lane-Poole (1901)
"Many fines were exacted from the Copts on slight pretexts, and 1 Ibn-mammati, who died in 1209, gives the following statistics for the taxation of the ..."

4. Abhandlungen by Georg Zoega, Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker (1879)
"Ibn mammati sagt: Diese Bodenart folgt zunächst auf el-bdk an Güte und steht in den Abgaben mit dieser gleich, weil die Erde im vergangenen Jahre ..."

5. Die Geschichtschreiber der Araber und ihre Werke by Ferdinand Wüstenfeld (1882)
"... ben Abu Malih mammati stammte aus einer vornehmen Christlichen Familie in ... welclie den Namen mammati führte. weil der genannte Ahnherr Abu Malih bei ..."

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