Definition of Man hour

1. Noun. A time unit used in industry for measuring work.

Exact synonyms: Person Hour
Group relationships: Workday, Working Day
Generic synonyms: 60 Minutes, Hour, Hr

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Literary usage of Man hour

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Principles of Industrial Organization by Dexter Simpson Kimball (1919)
"Then the expense per man-hour chargeable against any job is rr-rr- = 25 cents per man-hour 1.1 . , - i - $2500 .,- ii 10000 and the expense chargeable ..."

2. Factory Costs: A Work of Reference for Cost Accountants and Factory Managers by Frank Erastus Webner (1911)
"Diffusion of Expense on Man-Hour Basis. The author strongly advocates the man-hour basis for diffusion of indirect expense, operated as follows: In each ..."

3. Bookkeeping and Cost Accounting for Factories by William Kent (1918)
"Man-hour Method of Distribution. If the $100000 cost of direct labor in the above table represents 400000 man-hours (say an average of 160 men working 2500 ..."

4. Earthwork and Its Cost by Halbert Powers Gillette (1903)
"M. Ance- lin says 4^ to 9 of earth, 3 to 8 of gravel, and 2\ of mud is the average cubic yardage spread per man- hour. If the work is crowded, ..."

5. Factory Accounting by Frank Erastus Webner (1917)
"THE MAN-HOUR PLAN Under this plan the total number of direct productive hours of ... Under the man-hour system the cost of labor, from the standpoint of ..."

6. Farm Management: A Text-book for Student, Investigator, and Investor by Richard Laban Adams (1921)
"It should be worked out in terms of cents and null? per man-hour. 14. ... The hours should then be multiplied in each case by the man- hour ..."

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