Definition of Man of deeds

1. Noun. Someone inclined to act first and think later.

Exact synonyms: Man Of Action
Generic synonyms: Actor, Doer, Worker

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Literary usage of Man of deeds

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mind and Hand: Manual Training, the Chief Factor in Education by Charles Henry Ham (1900)
"Mr. Gladstone a Man of Ideas, Mr. Bessemer a Man of Deeds.—The Value of the latter's Inventions.—Mr. Gladstone represents the Old Education, Mr. Bessemer ..."

2. A Guide to the Best Fiction in English by Ernest Albert ( Baker (1913)
"Man of Deeds and not of Words, The, 528. Man of Devon, A, 244. Man of Feeling, 20. Man of Genius, A, 382. Man of Gold, A, 599. Man of His Age, A, 230. ..."

3. Biographical History of Massachusetts: Biographies and Autobiographies of Samuel Atkins Eliot by Samuel Atkins Eliot (1914)
"... the portrait of John CF Slayton, a man of deeds, a man of generous promptings, a man of patriotic impulses, a man imbued with great love of country and ..."

4. The History of Detroit and Michigan: Or, The Metropolis Illustrated; a Full by Silas Farmer (1889)
"He is patient, untiring, industrious, modest and practical—a man of deeds rather than words. He has never overreached nor attempted what was beyond his ..."

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