Definition of Mat

1. Noun. A thick flat pad used as a floor covering.

Specialized synonyms: Doormat, Welcome Mat
Generic synonyms: Floor Cover, Floor Covering

2. Verb. Twist together or entwine into a confusing mass. "They mat their hair "; "The child entangled the cord"
Exact synonyms: Entangle, Snarl, Tangle
Generic synonyms: Distort, Twine, Twist
Specialized synonyms: Felt, Enmesh, Ensnarl, Mesh
Antonyms: Disentangle, Unsnarl
Derivative terms: Snarl, Tangle

3. Adjective. Not reflecting light; not glossy. "A photograph with a matte finish"
Exact synonyms: Flat, Matt, Matte, Matted
Similar to: Dull
Derivative terms: Flatness, Matt, Matte

4. Noun. Mounting consisting of a border or background for a picture.
Exact synonyms: Matting
Generic synonyms: Mounting

5. Verb. Change texture so as to become matted and felt-like. "The fabric felted up after several washes"
Exact synonyms: Felt, Felt Up, Mat Up, Matt-up, Matte, Matte Up
Generic synonyms: Change
Derivative terms: Felt, Matting

6. Noun. Sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sports.
Exact synonyms: Gym Mat
Specialized synonyms: Canvas, Canvass, Wrestling Mat
Generic synonyms: Sports Equipment

7. Noun. A mass that is densely tangled or interwoven. "A mat of weeds and grass"
Generic synonyms: Mass

8. Noun. A master's degree in teaching.
Exact synonyms: Master Of Arts In Teaching
Generic synonyms: Master's Degree

9. Noun. The property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss.
Exact synonyms: Flatness, Lusterlessness, Lustrelessness, Matt, Matte
Generic synonyms: Dullness
Derivative terms: Flat, Flat, Lusterless, Lustreless, Matt, Matte

10. Noun. A small pad of material that is used to protect surface from an object placed on it.
Specialized synonyms: Drip Mat, Mouse Mat, Mousepad, Place Mat
Generic synonyms: Pad

Definition of Mat

1. n. A name given by coppersmiths to an alloy of copper, tin, iron, etc., usually called white metal.

2. a. Cast down; dejected; overthrown; slain.

3. n. A fabric of sedge, rushes, flags, husks, straw, hemp, or similar material, used for wiping and cleaning shoes at the door, for covering the floor of a hall or room, and for other purposes.

4. v. t. To cover or lay with mats.

5. v. i. To grow thick together; to become interwoven or felted together like a mat.

Definition of Mat

1. Proper noun. A diminutive of the male given name Matthew. ¹

2. Noun. A flat piece of coarse material used for wiping one’s feet, or as a decorative or protective floor covering. ¹

3. Noun. A small flat piece of material used to protect a surface from anything hot or rough; a coaster. ¹

4. Noun. (athletics) A floor pad to protect athletes. ¹

5. Noun. A thickly tangled mess, of hair etc. ¹

6. Noun. A thick paper or paperboard border used to inset and center the contents of a frame. ¹

7. Noun. A thin layer of woven, non-woven, or knitted fiber that serves as reinforcement to a material. ¹

8. Verb. (transitive) To cover, protect or decorate with mats. ¹

9. Verb. (intransitive) To form a thick, tangled mess. ¹

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Definition of Mat

1. to pack down so as to form a dense mass [v MATTED, MATTING, MATS]

Medical Definition of Mat

1. A rapid heart rate that is generated from multiple locations within the atria. Multifocal atrial tachycardia (MAT) tends to be in the range of 100 to 180 beats per minute. MAT can be seen in association with COPD, pneumonia, CHF, lung cancer, diabetes, pulmonary embolism, theophylline toxicity, coronary artery disease or digoxin toxicity. (27 Sep 1997)

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