Definition of Meat cleaver

1. Noun. A butcher's knife having a large square blade.

Exact synonyms: Chopper, Cleaver
Generic synonyms: Knife
Derivative terms: Chop, Chop, Cleave

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Literary usage of Meat cleaver

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Popular Science Monthly (1912)
"These small steaks, when beaten four or five times with the flat side of a meat-cleaver and then fried in butter, are tender and delicious. ..."

2. Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book: What to Do and what Not to Do in Cooking by Mary Johnson Lincoln (1883)
"1 Palette-Knife 1 Chopping-Knife. 1 French Vegetable-Knife. 1 Meat-Fork. 1 Pie-Fork. 1 Meat-Saw Meat-Hammer. 1 Meat-Cleaver. 1 Can-Opener. 1 Boning-Knife. ..."

3. The Boy Scout Movement Applied by the Church by Norman Egbert Richardson, Ormond Eros Loomis (1915)
"1 meat-cleaver. 1 meat-fork. 4 large water-pitchers. 2 small pickle and fruit dishes. Salt and pepper shakers. 2 dippers. 1 drainer. ..."

4. Vagabonding Through Changing Germany by Harry Alverson Franck (1920)
"with a tool resembling a heavy meat-cleaver. Hundreds of the larger trees had been tapped for their pitch, used in the making of turpentine, ..."

5. White House Cook Book: A Selection of Choice Recipes, Original and Selected by Fanny Lemira Gillett (1889)
"1 meat cleaver. 2 Cake boxes. 3 Kitchen knives and forks. 1 Large flour box. 1 Large kitchen fork and 4 kitchen spoony 1 Dredging box. two sizes. ..."

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