Definition of Meninges

1. Noun. A membrane (one of 3) that envelops the brain and spinal cord.

Exact synonyms: Meninx
Generic synonyms: Membrane, Tissue Layer
Specialized synonyms: Leptomeninges, Dura, Dura Mater, Arachnoid, Arachnoid Membrane, Pia Mater
Terms within: Subarachnoid Space
Derivative terms: Meningeal

Definition of Meninges

1. n. pl. The three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord; the pia mater, dura mater, and arachnoid membrane.

Definition of Meninges

1. Noun. (anatomy) The three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord. ¹

2. Noun. (plural of meninx) ¹

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Definition of Meninges

1. meninx [n] - See also: meninx

Medical Definition of Meninges

1. The surrounding membranes the brain and spinal cord. There are three layers: the dura mater (outer), arachnoid membrane (middle) and the pia mater (inner layer). (27 Sep 1997)

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Literary usage of Meninges

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Text-book of medicine for students and practitioners by Adolf von Strümpell (1901)
"Isolated acute inflammation of the spinal meninges is very rarely primary, so far as we know, but inflammatory processes in the neighborhood quite ..."

2. Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology: Including Many of the Principal by James Mark Baldwin (1901)
"The Membranes (meninges). The membranous envelopes of the central nervous ... The meninges are freely supplied with sensory cérébro-spinal and vaso-motor ..."

3. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1877)
"It is well known that the Island of Reil receives much of its blood supply from the superjacent meninges. These meninges were very much thickened, ..."

4. A Manual of Pathological Histology by Victor Cornil (1880)
"I.—Alterations of the meninges. THE alterations of the cerebral and spinal meninges being analogous they will be described together, but those alterations ..."

5. Nervous and Mental Diseases by Archibald Church, Frederick Peterson (1919)
"CHAPTER I. THE CEREBRAL meninges—PACHYMENINGITIS AND PIAL HEMORRHAGE. ... The usual anatomical descriptions of the cerebral meninges are misleading. ..."

6. A Text-book of the practice of medicine by James Meschter Anders, John Herr Musser (1907)
"DISEASES OF THE meninges. MENINGITIS is very rarely a primary condition. ... Injuries also lead to inflammation of the meninges of the cord. ..."

7. The Diseases of the nervous system by Ludwig Hirt (1899)
"PART I. DISEASES OF THE meninges OF THE BRAIN. THE meninges are relatively more frequently affected by disease than the brain substance itself, ..."

8. Syphilis by Loyd Oscar Thompson (1920)
"meninges. 2. Arteries. 3. Brain Substance. 4. Cord Substance. 5. Nerves. It must be understood, however, that the majority of the cases will show more than ..."

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