Definition of Mescal

1. Noun. A small spineless globe-shaped cactus; source of mescal buttons.

Exact synonyms: Lophophora Williamsii, Mezcal, Peyote
Generic synonyms: Cactus
Group relationships: Genus Lophophora, Lophophora
Terms within: Magic Mushroom, Mescal Button, Sacred Mushroom

2. Noun. A colorless Mexican liquor distilled from fermented juices of certain desert plants of the genus Agavaceae (especially the century plant).

Definition of Mescal

1. n. A distilled liquor prepared in Mexico from a species of agave. See Agave.

Definition of Mescal

1. Noun. The peyote cactus ¹

2. Noun. A Mexican alcoholic drink distilled from the fermented juice of the agave ¹

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Definition of Mescal

1. a cactus [n -S] - See also: cactus

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Literary usage of Mescal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Popular Science Monthly (1902)
"mescal buttons (as from their shape the dried tops of A. ... This opinion probably rendered investigators of mescal cautious, and little further progress ..."

2. American Anthropologist by American Anthropological Association, American Ethnological Society (1892)
"A KIOWA mescal RATTLE. BY JAMES MOONEY. While making ethnologic investigations among the Kiowa on the upper Red river in Indian Territory the writer ..."

3. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1896)
"THE THERAPEUTIC USES OF mescal BUTTONS. DRS D. AV. ... S ami FRANCIS P. MORGAN suggest the therapeutic uses of mescal us follows : As an ..."

4. Transactions of the Association of American Physicians by Association of American Physicians (1896)
"4 he brought back to Washington for examination ,a large quantity of mescal, under the belief that investigation would corroborate the claim of the Indians ..."

5. A Manual of Pharmacology and Its Applications to Therapeutics and Toxicology by Torald Hermann Sollmann (1922)
"mescal This plays an important part in the ceremonial of Indian tribes. It is a preparation of the cactus Anhalonium ..."

6. With the Flowers and Trees in California by Charles Francis Saunders (1914)
"mescal de Comer While the thistle-sage is found principally in the south, the true chia is met with throughout the length of the State, even in the deserts. ..."

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