Definition of Military censorship

1. Noun. All types of censorship conducted by personnel of the armed forces.

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Literary usage of Military censorship

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Government Organization in War Time and After: A Survey of the Federal Civil by William Franklin Willoughby (1919)
"... Special conditions demanding it in the United States — Control of radio communication assumed by the Navy — military censorship of telegraph, telephone, ..."

2. The Truth about the War by Ieronim Pavlovich Taburno, Victoria von Kreuter (1905)
"military censorship. The military censorship is concentrated in the Staff of the Commander-in-chief; there are censor sections in the separate armies, ..."

3. Civil and Political Rights in Croatia by Ivana Nizich, Željka Markić, Jeri Laber (1995)
"While we appreciate the motives of Helsinki Watch opposing in principle any military censorship, even in times of war, the Croatian Government does not find ..."

4. War Powers of the Executive in the United States by Clarence Arthur Berdahl (1921)
"... voluntary and military censorship of newspapers and other publications thus established within the United States on the sole authority of the President, ..."

5. Free speech bibliography: including every discovered attitude toward the by Theodore Albert Schroeder (1922)
"O'Donnell, TJ military censorship and the freedom of the press. Virginia Law Review 5:178- 89 Dec, 1917 ILP '17 Off with her head. Nation 108:18 Jan 14, ..."

6. Sessional Papers (1900)
"The Canadian Pacific Railway Company's own line passes thro^ United States territory, where it is subject to American law and military censorship. ..."

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