Definition of Minor-league club

1. Noun. A team that plays in a minor league.

Exact synonyms: Minor-league Team
Specialized synonyms: Farm Club, Farm Team
Generic synonyms: Squad, Team
Group relationships: Bush League, Minor League, Minors
Member holonyms: Bush Leaguer, Minor Leaguer

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Literary usage of Minor-league club

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sunset by Southern Pacific Company, Southern Pacific Company. Passenger Dept (1914)
"... in return for a player obtained in an hour of necessity, the minor league club grants the major league club an option on its entire playing squad. ..."

2. New Jersey Handbook by Russell Roberts (2004)
"The Newark Bears had been one of the New York Yankees' top minor league affiliates, there had been a New York Giants' minor league club in Trenton (where ..."

3. Touching Second: The Science of Baseball by John J. Evers, Hugh S. Fullerton (1910)
"Three youngsters from independent clubs are to be given a trial and two of last year's tryout squad, "planted" with a friendly minor league club, have been ..."

4. Baseball Goes to War by William B. Mead (1998)
"... minor league club, unless perhaps as a ticket-taker," Stockton wrote. Although soldiers groused enough about military life, baseball players were rarely ..."

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