Definition of Minor premise

1. Noun. The premise of a syllogism that contains the minor term (which is the subject of the conclusion).

Exact synonyms: Minor Premiss, Subsumption
Group relationships: Syllogism
Generic synonyms: Assumption, Premise, Premiss
Terms within: Minor Term, Middle Term

Definition of Minor premise

1. Noun. (logic) In a categorical syllogism, the premise whose terms are the syllogism's minor term and middle term. ¹

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Literary usage of Minor premise

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Introductory Logic by James Edwin Creighton (1909)
"The Valid Moods and the Reduction of Figures The first figure is of the form: — M —P "S — M .-.s — p- To show that the minor premise is affirmative, ..."

2. Lectures on Metaphysics and Logic by William Hamilton (1860)
"In the third place, the term subsumption is preferable to the term assumption, as a denomination of the minor premise; for the term subsumption precisely ..."

3. Thought and Things: A Study of the Development and Meaning of Thought, Or by James Mark Baldwin (1908)
"Second, the minor premise may be itself a universal of the essential ... Instead of awaiting the establishment of a minor premise, its truth is assumed or ..."

4. Composition for College Students by Joseph Morris Thomas, Frederick Alexander Manchester, Frank William Scott (1922)
"The minor premise, if it is positive, must assert something about a member of ... In our case, the minor premise asserts that Shintoism belongs in the class ..."

5. The Essentials of Logic by Roy Wood Sellars (1917)
"The minor premise must be affirmative. 2. The major premise must be universal. ... But by hypothesis, the minor premise is already negative. ..."

6. Studies in Deductive Logic: A Manual for Students by William Stanley Jevons (1880)
"If the major premise be negative, then the minor premise must be affirmative, in order to avoid negative premises; thus in any case the minor premise is ..."

7. Forensic Oratory: A Manual for Advocates by William Callyhan Robinson (1893)
"The first proposition is known as the major premise; the second, as the minor premise ; the last as the conclusion. The three things involved in the ..."

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