Definition of Modus vivendi

1. Noun. A temporary accommodation of a disagreement between parties pending a permanent settlement.

Generic synonyms: Accommodation

2. Noun. A manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes.
Exact synonyms: Life Style, Life-style, Lifestyle
Generic synonyms: Fashion, Manner, Mode, Style, Way
Specialized synonyms: Fast Lane, Free Living, Vanity Fair

Definition of Modus vivendi

1. Noun. A way of living, especially a working arrangement to allow for coexistence between two parties in spite of differences or unresolved disputes. (defdate from 19th c.) ¹

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Literary usage of Modus vivendi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Red Cross: A History of this Remarkable International Movement in the by Clara Barton (1898)
"... governments of the United States and Spain, proposing the adoption of a temporary agreement, or modus vivendi, during the continuance of hostilities. ..."

2. The Hague Court Reports [1st]- Series: Comprising the Awards, Accompanied by by Permanent Court of Arbitration (1916)
"SIR: The reply, in your letter of July 15, 1908, to my proposal of June 18th, for a renewal of last year's modus vivendi for the approaching Newfoundland ..."

3. Public Papers and Addresses of Benjamin Harrison, Twenty-third President of by Benjamin Harrison (1893)
"RENEWAL OF THE EXISTING modus vivendi IN BERING SEA. Whereas a convention between the United States of America and Great Britain for the renewal of the ..."

4. Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Standard Work of Reference in Art, Literature (1907)
"... to the effect that, modus vivendi in its diplomatic relations with Rome, "society without religion is like a ship without a com-1 each state was ..."

5. Dictionary of Historical Allusions by Harbottle, Thomas Benfield, d. 1904 (1904)
"modus vivendi on the Canadian Fishery Question. Both the arbitrations went against Great Britain. Watch and Ward, Statute of. A statute passed in 1285 (i3th ..."

6. The Alaska Boundary by George Davidson (1903)
"THE modus vivendi OF 1899.* There appears to be a wide-spread opinion that the temporary boundary points around the heads of the ..."

7. Report of the Proceedings by Church congress (1880)
"... the geologist and the astronomer did—when we compare our conclusions with their conclusions, and find, as they were glad to do, a common modus vivendi. ..."

8. The History of English Rationalism in the Nineteenth Century by Alfred William Benn (1906)
"But the spirit of compromise by no means exhausted itself in the establishment of this modus vivendi between rationalism and faith. ..."

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