Definition of Money changer

1. Noun. One whose business is to exchange the money of one country for that of another country.

Exact synonyms: Exchanger
Generic synonyms: Money Dealer, Money Handler
Derivative terms: Exchange

Definition of Money changer

1. Noun. A person who will exchange currency of one type for another for a fee or percentage. ¹

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Literary usage of Money changer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Wabash: Or, Adventures of an English Gentleman's Family in the Interior by John Richard Beste (1855)
"The money changer.—Speculation. —The cobler.—Hotels.—Gentle and simple.—A chambermaid.—Private rooms. I HAD often heard the harbour of New York compared to ..."

2. Israel Among the Nations: A Study of the Jews and Antisemitism by Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu, Frances Hellman (1895)
"L His Intelligence—His Ruling Faculty, the Faculty of Adaptation and Assimilation—Qualities Inherited from his Two Ancestors, the Money-Changer and the ..."

3. The Life and Travels of Herodotus in the Fifth Century: Before Christ: an by James Talboys Wheeler (1856)
"... AND TIMOLEON THE MONEY-CHANGER. THE introduction of Herodotus into fashionable life at Corinth was attended by the usual consequences. ..."

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