Definition of Money market

1. Noun. A market for short-term debt instruments.

Generic synonyms: Market, Securities Industry

Definition of Money market

1. Noun. (finance) A market for trading short-term debt instruments, such as treasury bills, commercial paper, bankers' acceptances, and certificates of deposit. ¹

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Literary usage of Money market

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Public Debts: An Essay in the Science of Finance by Henry Carter Adams (1890)
"That a money market should have been previously established. 2. ... Upon the money market the article sold is credits ; the purchasing commodity, ..."

2. Principles of Economics by Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman (1909)
"The money market. The chief borrowers of money in Wall Street are those who want, not capital to assist them in productive enterprises, but funds for ..."

3. Money and Banking: Illustrated by American History by Horace White (1911)
"The relations of the stock exchange and the money market to each other are primarily those of the promoter and the investor, and secondarily those of the ..."

4. Journal of the Statistical Society of London by Statistical Society (Great Britain) (1874)
"CONTESTS: PAGE TAOE I.—The Dangers of the money market II.—The English Pauper Roll at Lady-day 324 III.—The Local Taxation of England 326 I.—The Dangers of ..."

5. Palmer's Index to "The Times" NewspaperTimes (London, England) (1873)
"money market (continued). Anglo-Austrian Bunds, 17 j 6 a Berlin Market, 16 j С я—23 j 7 a 6/6 .... descrepancies between the money market & the Share Lists, ..."

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