Definition of Moralism

1. Noun. A moral maxim.

Generic synonyms: Axiom, Maxim
Derivative terms: Moralistic

2. Noun. Judgments about another person's morality. "He could not stand her hectoring moralism"
Generic synonyms: Value Judgement, Value Judgment
Derivative terms: Moralist, Moralistic

Definition of Moralism

1. n. A maxim or saying embodying a moral truth.

Definition of Moralism

1. Noun. The act or practice of moralizing. ¹

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Definition of Moralism

1. the practice of moralizing [n -S]

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Literary usage of Moralism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Present Conflict of Ideals: A Study of the Philosophical Background of by Ralph Barton Perry (1918)
"moralism. The form of moralism which is most characteristic of personal idealism, is the second of those forms which were examined in Chapter XIII, ..."

2. A Study of Ethical Principles by James Seth (1905)
"Intellectual ism and moralism : reason and will, Hegelianism, we have seen, finds it a necessary condition of the establishment of an intelligible theory of ..."

3. Present Philosophical Tendencies: A Critical Survey of Naturalism, Idealism by Ralph Barton Perry (1912)
""Absolute unity brooks no degrees"; whereas pluralism demands no more than that "you grant moralism *" some separation among things, some tremor of ..."

4. Hermais: A Study in Comparative Esthetics by Colin McAlpin (1915)
"A word at this juncture, therefore, anent the relation of harmony to supra-moralism will be of value and interest. For as already contended, music exists ..."

5. Christian Theology and Social Progress: The Bampton Lectures for 1905 by Frederick William Bussell (1907)
"... moralism. § I1. Comte and the aristocratic revival: the State to be mechanically moralised: strange and illogical compromise ot English Puritanism: ..."

6. The Permanent Elements of Religion: Eight Lectures Preached Before the by William Boyd Carpenter (1889)
"Danger of moralism; the shadow of morality. II. ... The defectiveness of scientific moralism in relation to 1. The dark side of life. 2. ..."

7. The Philosophy of William James by Théodore Flournoy (1917)
"VIII MELIORISM AND moralism WE must remember, however, that it was not merely in order to gratify man by representing him as being the captain of his fate ..."

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