Definition of Murder charge

1. Noun. An indictment charging someone with murder.

Exact synonyms: Murder Indictment
Generic synonyms: Bill Of Indictment, Indictment

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Literary usage of Murder charge

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. American Jewish Year Book by American Jewish Committee, Jewish Publication Society of America (1914)
"... to represent to the Russian Government that persistence in the proceedings based upon the ritual murder charge will be offensive to the American people. ..."

2. The Criminal Code and the Law of Criminal Evidence in Canada: Being an by Canada, W. J. Tremeear (1908)
"Previous murder charge.]—A previous conviction or acquittal on an indictment for murder shall be a bar to a second indictment for the same homicide charging ..."

3. Notes on Texas Reports: A Chronological Series of Annotations of the by Walter Malins Rose, Charles Lawrence Thompson, Texas Supreme Court, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (1911)
"Cr.), 83 SW 835, holding in trial for murder charge on manslaughter should cover all testimony introduced and should not be limited to that of defendant. ..."

4. Ohio Circuit Court Reports: New Series. Cases Adjudged in the Circuit Courts by Ohio Circuit Courts (1912)
"... guilt of the murder charge made in the indictment, you can not find him guilty of such murder charge." Comparing this special charge with the court's ..."

5. Annotated Criminal Code, 1919, Canada by Canada, W J Tremeear (1919)
"Exception of murder charge. 856. Any number of counts for any offences whatever may l>e ... No joinder with murder charge]—As to the latter, see sees. ..."

6. A History of the Jews in Modern Times by Max Raisin (1919)
"Without even a semblance of plausibility, the authorities seized upon the baseless rumor to concoct a ritual-murder charge against the entire ..."

7. Questions and Answers on Law: Alphabetically Arranged, with References to by Asa Kinne (1855)
"MURDER, charge of court ....... 236 Indictment—Averment as to means, instruments, &c.—peremptory challenge of juror—expert in handwriting—testimony to the ..."

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