Definition of Murder mystery

1. Noun. A narrative about a murder and how the murderer is discovered.

Generic synonyms: Mystery, Mystery Story, Whodunit

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Literary usage of Murder mystery

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Charles Chapin's Story Written in Sing Sing Prison by Charles E. Chapin (1920)
"CHAPTER VA murder mystery ONE day I entered the Tribune office just as a tip came in of a tragedy in the little village of Winnetka, in the northern suburbs ..."

2. Memories of Famous Trials by Evelyn Henry Villebois Burnaby (1907)
"CHAPTER X THE ROAD murder mystery ONE of the strongest judges of a bygone generation, and one of the first I ever saw presiding at the Old Bailey, ..."

3. Famous Mysteries: Curious and Fantastic Riddles of Human Life that Have by John Elfreth Watkins (1919)
"The Borden murder mystery Of American murder mysteries the Borden case, at Fall River, Mass., in the late summer of 1892, was doubtless the most notorious. ..."

4. The Bookman (1910)
"They are both stories of a murder mystery, one being a classic of true literary ... It is as striking and touching a little tale of a murder mystery as one ..."

5. Why Some Men Kill; Or, Murder Mysteries Revealed by George A. Thacher (1919)
"Take the confession of the man in the Green Trunk murder mystery in Portland in 1917. A green trunk had been found floating in the Willamette river and upon ..."

6. An Amiable Charlatan: By E. Phillips Oppenheim... with Illustrations by Will by Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1916)
"The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown $1.30 net An ingenious solution of a murder mystery. The Survivor $1.35 net A striking story of a young Englishman's uphill ..."

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