Definition of Muscle-bound

1. Adjective. Having stiff muscles as the result of excessive exercise. "He arrived accompanied by two muscle-bound body guards"

Similar to: Inflexible

Definition of Muscle-bound

1. Adjective. (alternative form of musclebound) ¹

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Medical Definition of Muscle-bound

1. Denoting a condition in which individual muscles are overdeveloped but dyssynergic in concerted action. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Muscle-bound

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Short Talks on Psychology by Charles Gray Shaw (1920)
"LXXVI IS YOUR MIND MUSCLE BOUND? THE most advanced methods of physical training seem to shun the heavy exercises famous with the old-time giants, ..."

2. Physical Training for Children by Japanese Methods: A Manual for Use in by Harrie Irving Hancock (1904)
"What is that condition known as being muscle-bound? It is a strange affliction, and might be called, with justice, a malady. The muscles become larger, and, ..."

3. Physical culture for home and school, scientific and practical by Daniel L Dowd (1890)
"J. WHAT IS MEANT BY BEING muscle-bound ? muscle-bound is a term that is often wrongly applied. It is a common impression that when a person's muscles have ..."

4. Physical Reconstruction and Orthopedics by Harry Eaton Stewart (1920)
"(a) Muscle Bound. These conditions are brought about by over-use per se, ... The conditions found in the muscle-bound foot are present in aggravated form. ..."

5. Physical Culture and Self-defense by Robert Fitzsimmons (1901)
"The muscle-bound man, with every fibre of his body drawn to a tension that pulls at the very ... A muscle-bound man is worse than a skin- bound horse. ..."

6. How to Get Strong and how to Stay So by William Blaikie (1899)
"Scarce any mart so soon grows muscle-bound ; for few backs do so much hard work. Let him stand erect, and try and slap the backs of his hands together ..."

7. Science of the New Thought by Erastus Whitford Hopkins (1904)
"muscle-bound AND PARALYZED. Nor is this all, for under the strenuous exercise of the external muscles, known as muscle-tensing, the muscles of the arm often ..."

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