Definition of Musclemen

1. Noun. (plural of muscleman) ¹

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Definition of Musclemen

1. muscleman [n] - See also: muscleman

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Literary usage of Musclemen

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History and Bibliography of Anatomic Illustration in Its Relation to by Ludwig Choulant, Mortimer Frank, Fielding Hudson Garrison, Edward Clark Streeter (1920)
"The following nine plates represent complete finished musclemen; each one is again ... The first twelve plates, representing entire skeletons and musclemen, ..."

2. Read and Understand by Jill Norris, Marilyn Evans (2002)
"The musclemen molecules keep the water molecules together. When they can't hold on anymore, the musclemen molecules let go. ..."

3. An Introduction to the History of Medicine: With Medical Chronology by Fielding Hudson Garrison (1921)
"These pictures, originally executed life-size in oil, are, in effect, the last survivors of the skeletons, musclemen, reclining gravid women, ..."

4. Sea-Changes: American Foreign Policy in a World Transformed by Nicholas X. Rizopoulos (1990)
"Effective, usable power has been shifted from the nuclear musclemen to the more agile trading states. ..."

5. Fasting: The Ultimate Diet by Allan Cott (1997)
"... amount of distilled water; she sips this health-bearing elixir through one day a week. (It probably explains why she still has musclemen "comin' up to ..."

6. Defending the Earth: Abuses of Human Rights and the Environment by Human Rights Watch (Organization), Human Rights Watch (Organization, Natural Resources Defense Council (1992)
"... be heavily tattooed musclemen who conspicuously carry huge knives known locally "samurais." On three recent occasions, local Sarawakian rivalries turned ..."

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