Definition of Muscle builder

1. Noun. Someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature.

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Literary usage of Muscle builder

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Educational Method by National education association of the United States Dept. of supervisors and directors of instruction (1922)
"... "The Quest for the Fountain of Health" muscle builder, and energy and growth- giving food, and a good tooth and bone builder. In addition to interest in ..."

2. American Medicine (1908)
"Being purely carbohydrate (starch), it is not a muscle-builder. When eaten in its natural condition, that is, without being "polished," rice is a food that ..."

3. Health Plays for School Children as Developed by Teachers and Pupils in by Child Health Organization of America (1921)
"Protein the muscle builder Lime the Bone Builder Fat the Warmth and Energy Builder Sugar another Warmth and Energy Builder The Magic Triplets Protein is the ..."

4. Elemantary Agriculture with Practical Arithmetic by Kirk Lester Hatch, J. A. Haselwood (1907)
"Oats are rich in protein, a muscle-builder, and furnish energy. In spring time it is muscle and energy that is wanted, not heat and fat. ..."

5. Electricity in Medicine and Surgery, Including the X-ray by William Harvey King, Walter Yeomans Cowl, Albert Freudenberg (1901)
"... is well known as a muscle builder. This treatment is best indicated in the very chronic cases, when there is some atrophy and a quantitative decrease in ..."

6. Domestic Science by Bertha J. Hoisington Austin (1915)
"When we speak of food as a muscle builder, we mean foods that contain the material that is actually to replace the parts of our muscles consumed by exercise ..."

7. Book of General Membership of the Ralston Health Club by Ralston Health Club, Edmund Shaftesbury (1898)
"If you are after muscular strength, you cannot get it out of soup, or broth; for the fibrine is the muscle- builder. It is itself in a state of soil-disease ..."

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