Definition of Musical group

1. Noun. An organization of musicians who perform together.

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Literary usage of Musical group

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dwight's Journal of Music: A Paper of Art and Literature by John Sullivan Dwight (1861)
"Old Fink has said a true thing in regard to this remarkable musical group of the sons of Bach. He says ; " If the world could only see the admirable ..."

2. The Evolution Theory by August Weismann (1904)
"It would be easy to rear an exceedingly highly gifted musical group of families within the German nation, if we could secure that only the highly-gifted ..."

3. The Appointment of Teachers in Cities: A Descriptvie, Critical and by Frank Washington Ballou (1915)
"Biography of musical group XIII Composers. 1. Economics. 2. Industrial History. 3. Commercial Law and Commercial Geography. 3. THE BOARD OF EXAMINERS In ..."

4. The Analyst: A Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, Natural History by William Holl, Neville Wood, Edward Mammatt (1837)
"In conclusion, I would observe that if any boy, with a good temperament and large anterior lobes, had the musical group early and constantly cultivated, ..."

5. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-1997 by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"All musicians spend a considerable amount of time practicing, individually and with their band, orchestra, or other musical group. ..."

6. Dwight's Journal of Music: A Paper of Art and Literature by John Sullivan Dwight (1873)
"... within the same time, the annals of art in this or any other nation have never recorded. Amongst a musical group so large and so gifted as Italy, ..."

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