Definition of Musical organisation

1. Noun. An organization of musicians who perform together.

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Literary usage of Musical organisation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Musical World (1888)
"It may be hoped that some timely action will save to us the glorious traditions of the once splendid musical organisation known as the choir of the ..."

2. The Gentleman's Magazine (1883)
"There are some people whose musical organisation is so fine, and whose instinct by method is so true, that without that stern discipline ..."

3. My Musical Life by Hugh Reginald Haweis (1898)
"When I hear anyone, I cannot help instinctively gauging their first-rate musical organisation, second-rate ditto, third-rate ditto, fourth organic ..."

4. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians by George Grove (1908)
"WHH STEPHENS, CHARLES EDWARD, nephew of the preceding, was born in Edgware Road, March 18, 1821. Displaying early tokens ot musical organisation, ..."

5. The Musical World (1865)
"... or saw, Malibran, to whom many seated near me last night compared her, but no other artist ever produced such an effect on my poor musical organisation. ..."

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